The first serious camera I held in my hands was my father´s Canon AE-1 in 1984. Ever since, I had been fascinated by photography. However, the years to come were primarily dominated by my devotion to playing piano and composing music, finally leading to a fairly successful career as an electronic musician under the pseudonym “teamore” and a strong involvement in Berlin´s netaudio-scene, which peaked in the foundation of the netlabel and netaudio-community “”, a royalty-free party-concept called “net-lag” and a series of festivals I was organizing in Berlin and London.

Shortly after the replacement of my dusty old Canon AE-1 with my first DSLR, a Canon 400D, my passion for photography received its next substantial impetus from a trip to Granada in 2007. My arousing interest for portrait- and fashion-shoots led to an aggregation of studio equipment and finally to again replacing my camera. The Canon 5D II (along with an EF 24-105mm 4.0L) I purchased in preparation of a trip to Japan in February 2011 is the camera I still work with today.

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